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Busy landlords want to maximize the investment from their property with the reassurance that their tenants are genuine and reliable, that their property is professionally cared for and enhanced over time and that they get a regular monthly income.

We take on your property as your tenant and guarantee an end-to-end service for you this service which is Ideal for landlords who want a total hands-free, long-term tenancy with a guaranteed fixed monthly income.

This is an attractive proposition to you the landlord, the arrangement is set up by providing you the landlord with a commercial lease agreement, The commercial lease will generally be from 3 to 5 years tenancy securing you guarantee monthly income

Please note that we do not enter into assured short hold tenancy (AST) with you the landlord as we are not going to live in your property but will be occupied by professional sharers.

Corporate Let Services

Corporate letting are extremely common in London, as it can work out more cost effective for a company as opposed to hotels and commuting for their staffs.

We have a corporate database of over 400 UK companies that we work with providing their staffs shared accommodation across South east London and other areas in Greater London

These corporate business are constantly reviewing available properties through SELP, where brings a huge Benefit to our Landlords.

  • Rental income is Guaranteed
  • Stronger rent liability from the company , not the individual occupants
  • Corporate occupants
  • Payments could be made up to 3 months rent up front.

Authorities & Permission to Let

  • The property mortgage must be a buy to let policy or permission granted to let.
  • Permission being granted can depends on a number of criteria items, such as current mortgage arrears and rented on an assured short hold tenancy is usually mandatory.
  • There are also strict criteria on the amount of rented income required to cover the mortgage payments.
  • Ensure your freeholder/property management does not prevent you from renting the property in the deeds.
  • Buy to let insurance is required to cover the liability of tenants, their guest and trade persons.